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MAC7 November

2007-12-10 19:29:11 by boomba

I am shocked that I won the MAC7 November contest, but I'd like to thank the following;

Newgrounds - for having the contest
The judges - for chosing my song to win
eggatron - for doing all the tricky bits of the song (mastering and effects)
Everyone who's listened - that's why I wrote it
Everyone who's reviewed - because feedback is good (especially if it's praise)

You can hear my song here: vX2ff4Ji. I hope you like it as much as everyone else did :)


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2007-12-10 19:55:59

why are you shocked? That song was off the chain... nay... it took the chain, whiplashed it across the unworthy and consumed the unguarded pies of the country...

but seriously it was a brilliant track, without equalizing though it would have hit disaster and fast, you and Eggatron make a great combo. Thanks for joining and enjoy the prize!

boomba responds:

Thanks very much. I'm in the process of convincing tron he should master my tracks, but he's all "I've got my own stuff to be doing" even though he isn't even doing any audio stuff at the moment (that I know of anyway)

I'll pass on the kudos to him though :)


2008-03-10 05:40:24

hey sick song, its found its way onto my ipod, along with all the other elite songs of awesomeness.

SO FEW REVIEWS! i reviewed it a few weeks ago and its still sitting at the top... i cant believe that there are so few!

great job!

boomba responds:

Thanks very much. All reviews are appreciated.

I do need to pull my finger out and make more tracks, but I just can't seem to find the time :(


2009-04-26 19:15:03

All I got to say is...MAKE MOAR! And more like this would be good.

By the sound of it, you got some pro skillz, so maybe spin a whole CD...^~^